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Dr. Lin Song | Marine Engineering | Best Researcher Award

Assoc Prof, Tianjin Ren’ai College, China

Lin Song is an Associate Professor of Marine Engineering at Tianjin Ren’ai College. With a strong background in fluid dynamics and marine engineering, she has significantly contributed to high-speed ship technology and marine structures. Dr. Song is an active member of the Chinese Society of Higher Education and the International Association of Ocean Engineers. Her innovative research and numerous publications have established her as a leading figure in her field.



🎓 Education:

Dr. Lin Song earned her doctorate in Marine Engineering from Tianjin University. Her academic journey laid a solid foundation in marine structures, fluid dynamics, and advanced ship technology.

💼 Experience:

Dr. Song has over a decade of experience in marine engineering, focusing on innovative methods for wind load estimation and multi-source factor analysis for LNG storage tanks. She has played a crucial role in both academic research and industry projects.

🔬 Research Interests:

Dr. Song’s research interests encompass fluid dynamics, marine engineering structures, high-speed ship technology, and multiple floating bodies. Her work often integrates cutting-edge simulation technologies to enhance marine engineering education.

🏆 Awards:

Dr. Song has been recognized for her exceptional contributions to marine engineering with several awards, including institutional and industry accolades for her innovative research projects and publications.


“An Experimental Study on the Resistance of a High-Speed Air Cavity Craft”
Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, 2023.
“A Hybrid Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Framework for Offshore Wind Turbine Selection: A Case Study in China” Applied Energy, 2022.


Lin Song | Marine Engineering | Best Researcher Award

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