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Dr. Yi Tang | Engineering | Best Researcher Award

Lecturer, Yantai University, China

Yi Tang is a Lecturer in the School of Electromechanical and Automotive Engineering at Yantai University, China. With a Doctor of Engineering degree, his expertise lies in Vehicle Engineering, particularly in the sub-division of Antenna Array.



Education 📚

Yi Tang earned his B.S. and M.S. degrees in mechanical engineering from Yantai University, followed by a Ph.D. from the School of Automotive Engineering at Dalian University of Technology.

Experience 🛠️

Yi Tang has been contributing to academia as a Lecturer at Yantai University since May 2024, focusing on research in design optimization within various fields of Vehicle Engineering.

Research Interests 🔬

Yi Tang’s research interests encompass design optimization in MIMO systems, phased arrays, and metamaterials, particularly emphasizing on antenna array technologies.

Awards 🏆

Yi Tang has received the Best Researcher Award for his significant contributions to the field of Vehicle Engineering, particularly in antenna array design optimization.

Publications Top Notes

Non-uniform strip-array decoupling structure of the MIMO antenna-arrays for the DSRC application (2023) – cited 1 time

Gradient-based optimization method for interference suppression of linear arrays by the amplitude-only and phase-only control (2022) – cited 2 times

Pattern synthesis considering mutual coupling for peak sidelobe suppression and null controlling via element rotation and phase optimization (2022) – cited 5 times

Shape optimization method for curved-groove DGS of MIMO antenna-array based on the trigonometric function expansion (2021) – cited 3 times

Optimization method for pattern synthesis of sparse planar arrays considering mutual coupling and nonoverlapping constraint (2020) – cited 10 times



Yi Tang | Engineering | Best Researcher Award

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