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Prof Dr. Adel Hanna | Civil Engineering | Best Researcher Award

Civil Engineering, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

Dr. Adel M. Hanna, Ph.D., P. Eng., F.ASCE, is a distinguished Professor in the Department of Building, Civil, and Environmental Engineering at Concordia University. With a career spanning over four decades, he is renowned for his exceptional contributions to foundation engineering, including groundbreaking research, extensive publications, and influential leadership roles in professional societies.




Education 📚

Dr. Hanna completed his Ph.D. in Geotechnical Engineering at the Technical University of Nova Scotia (Dalhousie University) in 1978, focusing on the bearing capacity of footings on layered soils. Prior to that, he earned his M. Eng. from Cairo University and his B. Eng. from Ain-Shams University, both with a specialization in geotechnical and structural engineering.

Experience 👨‍🔬

As a pioneer in geotechnical engineering education, Dr. Hanna introduced the field to Concordia University in 1978. He has since led extensive research endeavors, served as a consultant on various projects globally, and supervised over 100 Master’s and Doctorate degrees. His expertise extends to foundation design, soil-structure interaction, dynamics, and mechanics of foundations, among other areas.

Research Interests 🔬

Dr. Hanna’s research interests encompass a wide range of topics within foundation engineering, including experimental, numerical, and analytical investigations on shallow and deep foundations, difficult soils, and the effects of differential settlement on superstructures. He is also passionate about advancing the understanding of soil-structure interaction and dynamic behaviors of foundations.

Awards 🏆

Dr. Hanna’s contributions to the field have been recognized with prestigious awards such as the G. Geoffrey Meyerhof Award in 2010 for his outstanding contribution to foundation engineering. His dedication and excellence have also earned him recognition from professional societies like the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), where he is a Fellow.


📝 Here are some of Dr. Hanna’s notable publications:

Hanna, A. M., & Meyerhof, G. G. (1978). “Bearing Capacity of Footings under Vertical and Inclined Loads on Layered Soils.” Geotechnique. Cited by this article.

Hanna, A. M. (2003). “Foundation Engineering for Difficult Soils.” Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering. Cited by this article.

Hanna, A. M. (2010). “Soil-Structure Interaction in Shell-Type Foundations.” Canadian Geotechnical Journal. Cited by this article.

Adel Hanna | Civil Engineering | Best Researcher Award

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