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Dr. Molalign Adugna | Rehabilitation science | Best Researcher Award

Assistant professor, University of Gondar, Ethiopia

Dr. Molalign B. Adugna is a dedicated scholar and advocate for disability inclusion, serving as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Gondar, Ethiopia. With a Ph.D. in Rehabilitation Science from Queen’s University, Canada, Dr. Adugna’s research focuses on understanding and addressing barriers to healthcare, education, and social inclusion for individuals with disabilities.




Education 📚

Dr. Adugna earned his Ph.D. in Rehabilitation Science from Queen’s University in 2021, specializing in disability studies. Prior to that, he obtained an M.A. in Sociology from Addis Ababa University and a B.A. in Sociology and Social Anthropology with distinction from the same institution.

Experience 👨‍🔬

Dr. Adugna’s professional journey includes significant research and training roles, such as serving as a Research and Leadership Trainer at the University of Gondar and a Public Leadership and Research Fellow at Bridgewater State University, USA. He has also been actively involved in teaching and leadership positions within academia, contributing to the advancement of sociology and disability studies.

Research Interests 🔬

Dr. Adugna’s research interests revolve around disability inclusion, healthcare access, and social justice. He explores topics such as psychosocial well-being, job accessibility, and education barriers faced by individuals with disabilities, aiming to promote equitable opportunities and societal integration.

Awards 🏆

In recognition of his scholarly achievements and contributions to community development, Dr. Adugna has received honors such as the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders and various research grants from organizations like the Mastercard Foundation. His dedication to advancing disability rights and inclusive practices has garnered acclaim both locally and internationally.

Publications 📝

Adugna MB, Nabbouh F, Shehata, S, Ghahari S (2020). Barriers and Facilitators to Healthcare Access for Children with Disabilities in Low and Middle Income Sub-Saharan African Countries: A Scoping Review. BMC Health Services Research.

Krupa, T., Lysaght, R., Yehuala, Y.S., Aldersey, H.M., Adugna, M.B., Kessler, D., et al. (2022). Activity and participation experiences of people with disabilities in Ethiopia. African Journal of Disability.

Adugna MB, Ghahari S, Merkley S, Rentz K (2022). Children with disabilities in Eastern Africa face significant barriers to access education: a scoping review. International Journal of Inclusive Education.

Abebe M, Ahmed A, Gizaw Z, Chala M, Demissie S, Adugna MB, Abera M (2020). Disability and its prevalence and cause in northwestern Ethiopia: evidence from Dabat district of Amhara National Regional State: A community based cross-sectional study.

Adugna, M. B., Ghahari, S., & Lysaght, R. (2024). Disability stigma and the pursuit of inclusion among children with physical disabilities in northwest Ethiopia. Disability and Rehabilitation.

Molalign Adugna | Rehabilitation science | Best Researcher Award

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