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Dr. Amany Aboulrous | Chemical Engineering | Best Researcher Award

Researcher, Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute, Egypt

Amany Ayman Aboulrous, PhD, is an organic chemistry researcher at the Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute’s Production Department. Her expertise lies in developing environmentally friendly additives and formulations for oil well drilling fluids.


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📚 Education:

Amany holds a PhD in Organic Chemistry from Menoufia University (2019), focusing on corrosion inhibitors in brine systems. She completed her Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Organic Chemistry from Benha University in 2013 and 2008, respectively.

🌟 Experience:

Since 2019, Amany has been a full-time researcher at the Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute, specializing in drilling fluids. She has also lectured at Mansoura University and served as a research assistant from 2014 to 2019.

🔬 Research Interests:

Her research interests include nanocomposites for enhanced oil recovery, sustainable drilling technologies, and biopolymer applications in oilfield operations.

🏆 Awards:

Amany received the Egyptian patent for “Preparation Ecofriendly New Lubricants Based on Jatropha Oil Formulation for Oil Well Drilling” in 2020.


Enhancing Carbon Dioxide Foam Flooding for Egyptian Oil Recovery: The Role of Arabic Gum Nanocomposites in Foam Stability and Interfacial Properties, Petroleum Science and Technology Journal, 2024.

Comprehensive Review on Wellbore Cleaning: Analyzing Factors, Simulation Models, and Emerging Technologies for Enhanced Drilling Efficiency, Journal of Petroleum and Mining Engineering, 2024.

Natural polymers: industry techniques and applications
Investigation of some locally water-soluble natural polymers as circulation loss control agents during oil fields drilling
Evaluation of some natural water-insoluble cellulosic material as lost circulation control additives in water-based drilling fluid

Amany Aboulrous | Chemical Engineering | Best Researcher Award

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