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Dr. Xuejun Du | Environmental Science | Best Researcher Award

Engineer, CECEP Engineering and Technology Research Institute Co. Ltd, China

Xuejun Du is an Engineer at CECEP Engineering and Technology Research Institute Co. Ltd. His expertise lies in improving salt-affected soils, particularly in the Songnen Plain of China, using agricultural and industrial wastes. His research focuses on soil carbon/nitrogen cycling and microbial processes, enhancing crop yields in salt-affected areas.



Education 📚

Xuejun Du holds specialized training in soil science and agricultural technology, complemented by practical field experience in ecological restoration and agricultural sustainability.

Experience 💼

With extensive experience in research and innovation, Xuejun Du has led numerous projects on soil improvement and published extensively in international journals.

Research Interests 🔬

Xuejun Du’s research interests include soil improvement mechanisms, carbon/nitrogen cycling in soil, and microbial community dynamics in saline environments.

Awards 🏆

Xuejun Du’s pioneering work in salt-affected soil improvement earned him recognition from the Chinese Agricultural Society for his contributions to ecological restoration.


Key Technology and Application of Rapid Desalination Ecological Restoration of Saline-alkali Land in Songnen Plain, China

Long-term rice cultivation increases contributions of plant and microbial-derived carbon to soil organic carbon in saline-sodic soils

Responses of soil carbon cycling microbial functional genes to nitrogen and phosphorus addition in saline-sodic soils

A cationic quantum dot-based ratiometric fluorescent probe to visually detect berberine hydrochloride in human blood serums

Effects of a new type of soil amendment on physical and chemical properties of soda alkali-saline soil and yield of the rice


Xuejun Du | Environmental Science | Best Researcher Award

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